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My Work Experience at Harrow Youth Stop

How it's changed my perspective on work and life.

Connie Colli 0 1812 Article rating: 5.0

My school arranged me a work experience placement at Harrow Youth Stop, a few months ago. I was anxious and agitated about it as I hadn’t heard about it. I was panic-stricken when I was told to phone them and I avoided the call for a few days before deciding that I should.

Life Changing Experiences

Anthony Ingham 0 1745 Article rating: 5.0

A few months ago, I was told that I need to start looking for work experience in order to improve my skills and get a taste of what real life work experience is like. A few days later, the school I attend had offered me a place at the Harrow Youth Stop and this is where it all started.

This year of my life has been extremely daunting.

SuperUser Account 0 1320 Article rating: 5.0

This year of my life has been extremely daunting. The various decisions I have had to think about such as whether I want to do an apprenticeship or go to university, coinciding with school work, maintaining a social life and my own hobbies has been no less than a massive struggle.