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Looking for a job can be a long and time-consuming process, getting support along the way can help to keep you on track and remain motivated. We can support you so you’re making the most of searching for a job as there are many different ways that jobs are advertised nowadays such as:


v traditional places such as newspapers, magazines, community noticeboards and shop windows in your local area

v via Internet jobsites such as Indeed.com, JobcentrePlus

v specific employer websites

v recruitment agencies such as Reed, Adecco, local and sector specific agencies

v social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn

v ‘Word of mouth’ – where you use your contacts of people already in employment, they often know if vacancies arise in their place of work

v Here at Harrow Youth Stop, we have our own vacancy bulletin and add to our vacancy page  

v You could also target employers you are interested in directly by speaking to the manager in charge of recruitment, but make sure you have a CV ready!


You may also need help writing a CV, completing an application form, formulating covering letters or even support to help you face an interview.


For further help or advice go to the resources pages on this website or book in to see an expert adviser who can help point you in the right direction and get you started on your journey. 

Resources to help you look for work

Use the links below to gain help in the different areas of the process of looking and applying for work


Other helpful sites include:






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