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Kooth is a free online counselling and emotional well-being support service for children and young people, which can be accessed via a mobile, laptop or tablet. Children/Young people can be signposted to Kooth or can sign up themselves to access free and safe online mental health and wellbeing support, so no referral is required.  The online counselling is provided by a professional team of qualified counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners. Alongside the counselling, there are other online tools and features they can use, such as a daily journal, mini activities and Kooth's magazine, with peer to peer and community elements. All of these are safe, secure, pre moderated and age appropriate.  Watch a video :  https://vimeo.com/318713056/3b5ea08a52

When is Kooth available:

  • online support tools and features (such as the daily journal and mini-activities) are available at any time, 365 days a year. (including Christmas Day)
  • online counselling 12pm -10pm during the week and at the weekend from 6pm to 10pm (slight variation over Christmas/New Year - see below)

Mon 21st Dec (normal hours) 12 - 10pm 
Tue 22nd Dec (normal hours) 12 - 10pm
Weds 23rd Dec (normal hours) 12 - 10pm
Thurs 24th Dec Christmas Eve 4pm - 8pm
Fri 25th Dec Christmas Day 4pm - 8pm
Sat 26th Dec Boxing Day 4pm - 8pm
Sun 27th Dec (normal hours) 6pm - 10pm
Mon 28th Dec (normal hours) 12pm - 10pm
Tue 29th Dec (normal hours) 12pm - 10pm
Weds 30th Dec (normal hours) 12pm - 10pm
Thurs 31st Dec NYE 12pm - 8pm
Fri 1st Jan New Year's Day 4pm - 8pm
Sat 2nd Jan (normal hours) 6pm - 10pm 


Kooth Webinar for parents 

We have a parents webinar on Weds 16 Dec from 12pm - 1pm.  Parents simply type in the meeting ID on Zoom 983 7658 6646 at 12noon on the 16th December   The webinar is an information event for parents to come along and learn all about Kooth, as well as having a live tour of the site.  Plus, we hope to discuss how they can support their children in accessing Kooth, whilst at the same time engaging in a wellbeing conversation with their children. Please see the attached letter.


Kooth social media & other resources 

We can send you out a resource package of digital and hard copy resources, all completely free.  Kooth has an instagram account @kooth_uk as well as a Spotify account with its own playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/94o3mbin6987cy00of2r1sdtw  Kooth can also be followed on Twitter @kooth_plc